Securing Tomorrow's Supply Chain

Phoenix is leading a paradigm shift in the production of Late-Gen semiconductors

Every sector of the American economy is vulnerable to the disruptive effect of the chip supply crisis.

Phoenix’s breakthrough technology enables customers to regain control of their product lifecycles.

Phoenix Semi Corp

Our Mission

Phoenix provides customers with a reliable, secure and perpetual source of critical microelectronic components that are unavailable from normal channels due to obsolescence and other supply chain disruptions.


Designed to break supply chain disruption by creating legacy chips on-demand and at scale, Phoenix enables customers to mitigate risks associated with critical chip shortages and regain control of their own product life cycles.

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Who We Are

Leveraging an expert team and disruptive approaches to semiconductor production, Phoenix Semiconductor offers an alternative solution for customers consistently plagued by chip shortages. Finally a way to produce late-gen chips, on demand and at scale.

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